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Em8er is a game in the making it promises to be what Firefall should of been but much more improved. The past was an eventful period and during Firefall’s journey a lot of things had happened some good and others not so. From all that was gained Em8er creator Mark Kern and his team have a better position to make it happen this time!

What has changed is the way the game is funded by crowd funding. We the players the fans and investors decide to put in the money and support with each and every milestone that is complete. This is a great idea because we can see the progress of the game much easier and the changes/tweaks  made to correct certain aspects of the game too. Hopefully this game can be built to our expectation and not the expectation of a corporate company but the true fans of the game 🙂

What i really love is the community too with informative resource from the story of em8er,
the artwork and the light hearted nonsense and jibber jabber of the community. In contrast the highly skilled and talented folks who keep us in the loop of what they are involved in and what to look forward to for the next stage as it approaches.

I am not technically gifted but feel right at home in Em8er forums saying that, i should mention to check out the website and forum to get more info on what Em8er is really about. Once you see the past game of what Firefall was like and the vision of Em8er, i can honestly say that this successor is going to be sublime, don’t take my word for it have a look for yourself and decide.

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