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I have come upon a neat artist working on some of the details in the Bracknell Regeneration program. The look is very much nature inspired bringing the wilderness to life in this urban jungle.

What i really admire about Kerry’s work is that you get the feeling there is a story within each one as you walk past and then take another look to appreciate it. There is more to see and various techniques that she applies in her art to accomplish and make it come to life!

Have a look at her website to see all her work  Here

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  1. nice did she draw it or is it photo taking either way the pic looks nice.

    • Pandagnome says: -#2

      Her work is cool, she does a lot of drawing to make architectures look appealing. The picture of her in the forest is one of the main forest that she went to for inspiration and that it reflects some of her work in the lexicon project!

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