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Gnomes are a collective of smaller stature individuals with distinctive hats.
They love the places of secret, away from the rest of the world in their personal sanctuary. The modern day gnomes are much different to the gnomes of the past but still use various methods passed on from generations to continue on with their ways.

Gnomes – (Guardian Nomads of Mother Earth’s Shadow)
The gnome initiative was formed centuries ago to battle against the wraiths who continue to cause problems by possessing the bodies of those who sleep. It is therefore the Gnomes who watch over us …some say the garden gnomes are a pod for the gnomes to reappear back into the gardens of home owners? then again it could just be ordinary decoration!.

There is a point at night where each who sleep their heart beat syncs to each other
it is a rare link that opens up a dimensional rift. These portals appear from the skies to the opening of the old trees in the forest. What enters into the world could be from what the wraiths have sent or much worst. It does not happen often but when it does the next day is not the same unless it is prevented.

Panda are creatures that have a habit of solitary spending above in the trees to higher elevations in the summer. Unlike the other bears the pandas are active at any time of the day because there is much to do protecting the family in the wilderness & nibbling away on bamboo shoots!!

So you might be wondering how a panda has got involved in all this..  all will be revealed.

The start
It was another night on various parts of earth many slept as usual while others awake working or watching their televisions and such. No one would suspect a dimensional rift opening and a few did this particular night, One such location was the forest where a panda that had escaped his cage wondered off into the local park. Playing on the slides and got quickly bored because there wasn’t anything happening. Moments had passed and a strange aura appeared out of one of the trees. The panda investigated peeping his head to one side to see what was going on. These strange figures appeared to exit out of the portal, they had no faces you could just make out their shape and what was even strange is they would hover above the ground. It was like they had anti-gravity boots of some kind.

The panda decided better to do something than get bored and so followed the wraiths. The wraiths continued on moving to the closest who were sleeping moving through a small house. As for the panda he knew he couldn’t just phase through a wall and being the curious panda he climbed into the nearest opened window. “WHAT THE FUNK” shouted out a grumpy old man. The panda paused looking surprised, with a quick wave of his paw he then dashed out of the house breaking the door down. Well at least the Wraith won’t be bothering that person for a while.

Psst psst… the panda perked his ear wondering where the sound was coming from? “Hey you, over here” called out a small figure with a pointy hat. The panda moved slowly unable to see this individual with 1 arm stretched out about to swat any threat. “Whoa aah i am Gen, i didn’t mean to scare you, but noticed you following those wraiths” The panda nodded pointing to the broken door and looked up then looked back at Gen. “Ooh i know i know your first real adventure uh, happens to the best of us”. “The door can easily be replaced a minor inconvenience she giggled”.

The gnome eventually explained what they were doing at this time of night. Intrigued by all this the panda decided to tag along and see what other things would happen along the way. “You don’t really talk much do you uh panda”? The panda shook his head from side to side and smirked. “hmm that’s ok we understand each other well enough nodding to the panda”.

They eventually got to an abandoned construction site but a lot of activity was taking place in one of the buildings. When they got to the window objects and pieces of concrete flew across the building. Several gnomes scattered in all directions and some running across the ceiling. “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHG” the wraith’s scream echoed inside the building. “Well i guess we found the right place eh panda” Panda nodded and followed Gen inside as the chaos continued on. “You creatures think you can stop us WE WON’T STOP until our existence is made known to the outsiders” screamed the wraith. One of the gnomes threw a small device on the ground circular in shape it projected a hologram of one of the gnomes. The wraith charged for it however the panda thought it was a doughnut and ate it happily gulp. Gen shook her head “that was a trap for the wraith blaa she sighed” The panda ran around the room as the wraith got angrier by the minute chasing after the panda.

It was now or never “follow me shouted the rest of the gnomes” to the panda so that they could lead the wraith into a trap. One of the gnomes muttered that panda better not eat anything else. He made a sign quickly and pointed to it  written was, Do not eat this! The panda was running towards the road nodding he had enough of eating anyway and kept getting him in trouble for some reason.

The gnome summoned a ghost goat the magic wouldn’t last long if this was timed right they could get rid of this wraith. The panda managed to get across but one of the gnomes tripped over laying on the road, the rest gasped! as a car was approaching.
The panda turned back and tugged the gnome by its backpack inches away from a potential gnome pancake!. “Now “shouted the gnome the ghost goat was summoned completely and head butted the wraith into the skies never to be seen again.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” screamed the Wraith as it vanished back to the alternate plane.

The gnomes looked at each other and cheered “that was close”! Gen waved for the panda to approach. “We got something for you” she smirked at the panda. The panda looked at them all suspiciously wondering what this something could be hmm. One of the elder gnomes placed a red hat on the panda’s head it was a sign of trust and that now he was part of their secret society, that was how Pandagnome began.





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