EM8ER Project [Revisited]

The new Adventure!

Em8er game is progressing nicely since the last time that i checked, with added artwork and plans in the works. It is becoming more serious and excited by what is in store for each milestone that is hit reveals something cool for us all.

Want to see what is going on and be involved? I highly recommend you check these links below.

  1. Website to understand the story and what it is all about https://em8er.com/
  2. Forum to join in and get more involved with others https://forums.em8er.com/
  3. Discord to chat away and keep in the loop as they become available https://discordapp.com/invite/A8jsTfU
  4. Steam group for all to be part of the project/news as they come in this gaming community. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/em8er

Supporting the project

We hit $30,804 and 282 backers and unlocked a new stretch goal! With Paypal donations we are at roughly $31,600 and 292 backers! This means backers will be able to get a build that will have jetting, gliding shooting omniframes in combat vs beast-mode Tsi-Hu! Bu there are 12 days left to go and we haven’t stopped growing!

Also at 3PM PDT today, Friday the 23rd, and Sunday, the 25th at 3pm PDT, we will be giving away prizes in a contest on Discord. Win free perk packages from our IndieGoGo!

Our next goal is 300 backers for chroma jets! All backers will be able to control the color of their jump-jets and add some special effects. If we reach $35,000 we will do base concept art (for our player built/destructible bases) and a motion capture system to add the founder emote pack for characters and omniframes.

At 500 backers we will unlock CHROMA THMPR skins for all backers. Donate as little or as much as you want on Indiegogo to quality. Even a dollar works! Use the “Buy It” button to specify any amount you wish.

Come help us reach our goals at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/em-8er-mech-vs-kaiju-wargame-m3-milestone

We also now accept Paypal Direct, log into our Discort chat and send a message to @Grummz with your amount, tier and paypal email address. We will e-mail you an invoice and it counts towards all stretch goals.

Thank you for your incredible support!


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