EM8ER Project [Stretch Goal]

For those who have yet to support the Em8er project why would you want to?
Well here is the info that would make it worth it and to understand better.

Mark Kern is a game developer who helped make Starcraft and World of Warcraft and many more.

Now he is making a massive planetary war game titled Em8er.

The Em8er Project is crowd funded and that means it is not run by a big development company. This gives the gamers more control and the current development team to shape the game to how they would want by truly listening to the people.

Not only that, you get to be part of a truly unique game backing this project not only gets you many chances of winning unique items but once they are gone they are gone!

If you really are looking for a game with an amazing community i suggest you come along and join us If you don’t want to commit too much money into pre-alpha project, ANY AMOUNT backers (that means even $1) are offered plenty of rewards from all the stretch goals. Even a bike! You can back with any amount on this IndieGoGo page.

Hope to see you there in the Em8er Community and be part of the project!

I certainly love that bike model… wouldn’t you want that bike too in the game?

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