AirMech [Update] PvP/PvE

Airmech is an action birds eye view real time strategy game where you command a flying unit. It can transform and go on land and be able to change again back to its original air unit form e.g. flying saucer, helicopter, fighter jet.

You also have control to build a base and customize it to fit the way you want to lead the battle. Also the customization to change your style of your skin to the pets you can bring along too.

Airmech is split into 2 to cater for the PvP players and PvE players and this is how it is done.

AirMech Strike is the new PvP focused reboot of AirMech. Instead of launching a new game like AirMech 2, Carbon Games are updating the old version so that everyone has it, and everyone keeps their account and progress.

If you are just catching up, Carbon Games is soon launching a Coop/PvE/RPG game called AirMech Wastelands, which will be given to all Silver VIPs free of charge. Anything that is “missing” from AirMech Strike will be in there, along with a ton of new RPG focused content.

For more information on Airmech click HERE

Looking towards the AIrmech Wastelands and Strike as it continues to develop
great work team Carbon!

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