With the incredible support from the community the previous stretch goal was smashed and made room for another to be really excited about. Anyone who has played Firefall will remember the voice of Aero and not forgetting the superb soundtrack that the game had. All will be returning better than ever in the next stretch […]

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For those who have yet to support the Em8er project why would you want to? Well here is the info that would make it worth it and to understand better. Mark Kern is a game developer who helped make Starcraft and World of Warcraft and many more. Now he is making a massive planetary war […]

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Mocap Online! So what is Mocap online to simply explain, it is cool animations that are motion captured! A lot of films use this and to make gaming look much more stylish too! Ever seen those people with strange balls stuck to their outfits well that is all to do with motion capture and nothing […]

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Art demo video click Here As you can see this is the demo of Em8er using the unreal engine 4. The big mech like robot is called a THMPR it is a big mechanical robot that helps you to mine and is considered a super pet! A thanks to LP Jardras who has recorded this […]

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Em8er game is progressing nicely since the last time that i checked, with added artwork and plans in the works. It is becoming more serious and excited by what is in store for each milestone that is hit reveals something cool for us all. Want to see what is going on and be involved? I […]

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