A selection of game shows that i have always been interested in and it always seems to be one involving a crazy costume or physical challenges that make the average person wonder why would anyone do this? For one thing it does look fun and why not maybe its that inner kid trying to escape, […]

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  I have come upon a neat artist working on some of the details in the Bracknell Regeneration program. The look is very much nature inspired bringing the wilderness to life in this urban jungle. What i really admire about Kerry’s work is that you get the feeling there is a story within each one […]

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  Gnomes are a collective of smaller stature individuals with distinctive hats. They love the places of secret, away from the rest of the world in their personal sanctuary. The modern day gnomes are much different to the gnomes of the past but still use various methods passed on from generations to continue on with […]

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Em8er is a game in the making it promises to be what Firefall should of been but much more improved. The past was an eventful period and during Firefall’s journey a lot of things had happened some good and others not so. From all that was gained Em8er creator Mark Kern and his team have […]

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